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12-Week Fitness Cohort & Accountability Group

Learn the principles of muscle growth and strength gain from the world's leading Broscientist.

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No BS Strength & Muscle building, and the Pillars of Mass Gain:

Tempo and Rest Periods

How fast should your reps be? How long should you rest? No more confusion, learn what works in science and in practice

Exercise Selection

What exercises are optimal? Which are a waste of time? Learn the hierarchy of effective exercises and never waste time on a dumb movement every again

Progressive Overload

Guaranteeing muscle and strength gains is not about a single workout.

It’s knowing how to apply the principle of progressive overload over a long period of time.

Intensity, Volume, and Frequency

With intense effort, sufficient volume, and the right number of workouts, you will GROW. 

But these factors are not guessing games. Learn the scientific guidelines that make every workout productive and growth promoting.


Learn how to gain weight steadily without gaining excess fat in the process. 

The correct macro split and surplus gives your body the raw materials to add muscle tissue.

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Level Up Your Knowledge

Anyone can work hard in the gym.

But building muscle and strength requires training both hard and SMART.

Learning the Principles of Training from AJAC, will give you the knowledge to make gains for the rest of your life.

Each week a new principle will be covered. By the end of 3 months, you will be smarter than 99% of trainers

Meal Planning

Your body creates new tissue from sufficient energy intake. 

Muscles use glycogen for energy. 

Stop being confused by contradictory messages. 

Muscle gain nutrition is SIMPLE.

Learn the heuristics that ensure you are always in an anabolic state and make every meal growth promoting.

Bro Knowledge

AJACs philosophy is simple “Do what WORKS”.

If you follow him on twitter, watch his IG videos, have done his programs, or read his newsletters, you are already familiar with his actionable, no nonsense approach.

Training is an art, and a science.

Combine both into a process and plan, do the work, and results are guaranteed.

As AJAC often says, “the program works if you work.”

AJAC Mass Academy is a bespoke, group coaching service that is offered to a limited number of individuals.

We’re talking daily and weekly accountability, straight from AJAC and our team, , right through our private messaging channel.

Group Accountability

Be part of our elite brotherhood.

Get shredded with other iron addicts, and pick on the shortcuts they’re taking.

On top of that, you’ll forge some solid, rock-hard camaraderie that’ll help you fire up big-time opportunities for yourself.

Signing up to this exclusive program will help you maintain motivation and inspiration to mold yourself into an absolute titan.