Weighted Hindu Squats

My training is heavily influenced by historic combat sports athletes, notably Pehlwani and Sumo wrestlers.

These athletes are known for having very strong lower bodies, but they do little traditional lifting.

Their resistance training is calisthenic. Sumo wrestlers will do squats holding relatively moderate weights (20-40lbs)

Pehlwani wrestlers will do high rep squats, and also wear stone collars to add weight. While impressive looking, they were never that heavy (compared to modern standards), at most they were 100lbs.

While it may not be the most efficient method from a modern science perspective, these high rep weighted calisthenics had clear transference to the sport. You need strong legs, and you need strong legs with fantastic endurance.

That said, I do two versions of Hindu squat workouts.

The first is a high rep workout for strength endurance, 300 total reps, done in sets of 10.

These are supersetted with Hindu pushups, done for sets of 10

The second is this workout. 10 sets of 10 reps, this weight vest is 15kg.

This workout is NOT done for time. I simply do the sets at a comfortable pace until completion. After I do some Bodyweight leg curls, some horse stance iso squats, and the workout is done.

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